I am a young culinary trained chef and I have been working and cooking in the family’s guest house since the age 12.
I have completed my diploma in International Culinary Arts and Wine.

I then moved on to worked in a fine dining restaurant where my knowledge and experience grew exponentially. I also got a chance to train in the pastry kitchen.
From there I came over to the Mediterranean to complete a season on the yachts and returned home in the winter to work in kitchen to continue to gain knowledge and experience.

I then chose yachting as my professional career and found a permeant role.
I spent 2019 gaining business experience in the Sales & Marketing sector aboard Passenger Cruise lines.
2020 proved successful, personally in that I opened and ran a business with my partner in the form of Feeding Fish MicroBakery.
I work well in high pressure situations and push myself to become better every day.

I am continuously learning about new ingredients, cooking techniques and styles, and keeping up to date with cooking trends.
My experience working with various teams has taught me to maintain a high standard and work ethic.