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Sail X Team

The sea inspires many emotions that are different for each individual. With this project, the Sail X Team is offering sailing to companies as a training tool to enhance managerial skills in a new environment and build relationships. It is an opportunity to discover the pleasures of sailing while reinforcing the group’s cohesive dynamic: an invitation to involve your teams in a water sport that demands a high level of cooperation, good communication, and solidarity between team members to successfully achieve a common goal.


  1. Reinforce team spirit
  2. Promote stress management
  3. Unite individuals around common objectives
  4. Mobilise a group-focused awareness


Organisation and communication are essential to lead a team. How well the team performs as a group reveals how close the ties are between individuals. At sea, humility and solidarity are essential values and the same applies for a company. A cohesive team is ready to face all the odds to reach its destination.


Section Sportive

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+377 93 10 64 02

Flotte des commissaires

Keeping up the pace

They are the lifeblood of the Yacht Club de Monaco’s sports events, all the many volunteers who make up the Flotte des Commissaires which is so indispensable to the organisation.

Under the command of Rodolphe Bouquet, and supervised by Captains, new recruits are supported at every stage of their apprenticeship with a structure that teaches them the skills they need in the different sectors, such as race committee, safety, reception, registrations, etc.






Regattas per year



Join the fleet


An asset that underpins all the Club's events


Administration Department

Capitain: Christine Bouchet

Mission: to manage all administrative aspects of YCM events, working with the Race Committee President and the YCM’s Service Membres. It is involved with pre-registration in the run-up to events, as well as during events with registrations and collecting results. It may also be called upon to second the Beach Officer at big events or assume the role at smaller meetings as part of their training.

Protocol / Welcome Department

Capitain: Jean Marie Conterno

Mission: working alongside Service Membres and the Communication & Marketing Department, they are involved in special events and protocol (example: Restoration Prize jury and Concours d’élégance jury at Monaco Classic Week).

They are also responsible for welcoming participants to other events taking place around the main one (for example, Pasta Party, etc.), and assist with prize-giving preparations and welcoming personalities, partners and other guests.

Security Department

Capitain: Rodolphe Bouquet

Mission: to manage, in accordance with Neptune Autorité, all safety aspects for competitors when they are out on the water at YCM nautical events. It is also responsible for developing a working procedure for the Beach Officer (recommended by ISAF), interventions at sea, and looking after all the safety equipment.

Committee Department

Capitain: Joshua Warren

Mission: to manage, with the YCM Race Committee President, the race officers and equipment required to ensure nautical events at the YCM are run properly.

Jury Department

Capitain: Patrice Clerc

Mission: to manage Jury members and Umpires during YCM nautical events. It is also the secretariat for the Jury.


Flotte des commissaires

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 04

Adult Section

Throughout the year, the Yacht Club de Monaco’s Sailing Division offers members a wide variety of sailing activities adapted to their level and experience.

Resumption of adult sailing from Friday 5 June 17h30-20h.

For beginners

The YCM offers its members beginners’ sessions to discover the joys of sailing, on Toppers, J70 or Smeralda 888, Saturday morning from 9.00am to 12 noon (from June to August).

To help you improve

Sessions in the form of race training on J/70s, Toppers and Smeralda 888 are held on Friday from 5.30pm to 8.00pm and on Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm to 5.00pm (from June to August) as well as short courses during school holidays, the aim being to develop skills that would be useful in competition.


For the youngsters

Keen to support young sailors (17-25 years old) as they progress from dinghies to keelboats, bespoke training sessions and races are organised every Wednesday afternoon and every Saturday (from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.00pm to 5.00pm).

For competitive yachtsmen

The YCM organises a number of internationally renowned regattas, such as the Primo Cup - Trophée Credit Suisse and the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series (one-design), Sanremo-Monaco-Sanremo Grimaldi Trophy (inshore), the Palermo-Montecarlo (offshore) and the Wally Record to name a few, all of which give members an opportunity to compete at the highest level.

In addition, there is a permanence presence on Sunday from 10.00am to 6.00pm allowing free and supervised practice on topper, kayak and paddle (for an autonomous level, from June to August).

For motorboat fans

Through the training centre, La Belle Classe Academy, the Yacht Club de Monaco offers society members courses to obtain their coastal and offshore licences (requires registration and depends on availability).

For classic yachting enthusiasts

For Society Members who are passionate about traditional yachting, training sessions are organised (subject to availability) on the Yacht Club de Monaco’s 1909 gaff cutter and YCM flagship, Tuiga.


Registration procedure: This activity is only for members, who must register either via or Member Services, at least the day before (as equipment needs to be prepared in line with current health protocols).


Section Sportive

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 02

Seadventures courses

Sailing during the school holidays

Learn! Improve! Have Fun!

In, on and under the water, that’s the slogan for the courses organised during school holidays by the Yacht Club de Monaco’s Sports Section.

Open to 6-17 year-olds, these week-long camps are a great way for children to discover the joys of watersports like sailing, snorkelling, paddleboarding, kayaking and outings into the bay in a RIB. They also get to learn about and appreciate the marine environment with a visit to the Oceanographic Museum, coastal walks and sessions with the Maritime Police on values and rules to respect at sea.
It is open to children of Club members or those attending school in the Principality, who are divided into three groups: Moussaillons (6-7 year-olds), Matelots (8-11 year-olds) and Marins (12 year-olds and up).
The youngest will be sailing on Bugs, in pairs for the Moussaillons, solo for the Matelots, while the older ones, the Marins, will be racing on Toppers.
It’s not just about learning how to sail, but is an education in the sea and all it has to offer through a range of fun activities, depending on weather conditions, from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Lunch is provided by the Club every day of the camp and participants will be advised on what to wear.


3 groups : 6-7 y.o. / 8-11 y.o. / +12 y.o.



OCT / NOV 2023
3 groups : 6-7 y.o. / 8-11 y.o. / +12 y.o.



APRIL 2024
3 groups : 6-7 y.o. / 8-11 y.o. / +12 y.o.



Section Sportive

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 02

Youth Competition

From beginners to advanced level

The six Sailing School coaches are trained professionals, with national diplomas. They support and lead the young sailors in the long and exciting road to high level racing dependent on each individual, with a choice of four types of boat.


A sporty dinghy, the most popular and used in the world (Olympic class)


A classic class for kids to get started

Nacra 15

A new multihull class at the YCM aimed at teenagers (Youth Olympic class)


From beginners to advanced level


Section Sportive

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 02

Youth Section

Beginners to competition level

Be it on Optimists, Bugs, Toppers, Lasers, Nacra 15s and J/70s, lessons, coaching and training sessions are organised all year round by 12 state qualified instructors and coaches, whose mission is to teach them all about sailing, discovering the sea and safeguarding the maritime environment. The youngest, from 6 years old, can start learning on Bugs or Toppers.


Sea School - the school of life

In collaboration with the National Education’s curriculum, the YCM’s Youth Sailing Division provides sailing courses, in cycles of 6 to 10 weeks, from 8th Grade to Baccalaureate Level, between September and June. Some may choose sailing as a subject for their Baccalaureate in the Principality.

Nearly 80 classes, that is over 2,000 pupils, will discover the sea and learn how to sail; they will assimilate essential and valuable qualities: independence, physical skills and abilities, team work, and respect and humility towards the elements, while developing and awareness of the importance of preserving our maritime environment.

Sailing during the school holidays

During school holidays, the YCM’s Sports Section organises courses from beginner through to advanced level, for children aged 6 to 15, which are both educational and fun (in, under and on the sea). The aim is to encourage youngsters to take up sailing (Bugs and/or Toppers) and to raise their awareness and give them a better understanding of the maritime environment and the need to protect it.



Section Sportive

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+377 93 10 64 02

Monegasque crews

"Only victory is sweet"

They may be young or adults in their prime, or not so young. School kids, budding entrepreneurs, employees or executives but they make our Club a fun place to be. Coming from all walks of life, they all share the same passion – to go out on the water to win.

Don’t tell them it’s enough to participate! Their motivation is to get the boat going, better and better, faster and faster, as if their lives depended on it. When a gust of wind ripples across the sea, barely grazing it, they hold their breath, demanding everyone freeze, as any movement can put the brakes on hard-earned momentum. But when gusts follow gusts, or a rogue wave fills the cockpit, or when equipment breaks loose, just watch them move, quick as a flash, straight to the problem, teeth clenched, totally focused on solving it. Between these extremes, they enjoy the wind caressing the sails as the bow cuts through the swell, leading them to victory which, as we all know, is sweet!

Our Ambassadors



After a 5th place in the last non-stop solo Vendée Globe race, earning him the IMOCA Championship 2018/2020 title, Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi, founder of Team Malizia in 2016, decided to continue the IMOCA adventure with a five-year campaign aboard a new IMOCA, Malizia-Seaexplorer.

Launched 18 months ago after 5,000 hours of design and 45,000 hours of construction involving the skills of 250 people, the 60-footer was on the start in Alicante on 15th January 2023 of The Ocean Race. This legendary fully-crewed circumnavigation of the planet in stages is the former Whitbread Round The World Race.


D3 Tuiga

Built in Fairlie, a town on the Clyde estuary in Scotland, Tuiga is a 15M IR gaff rig cutter designed by world-renowned yacht designer, William Fife III.


Our sailing members

Smeralda 888


Melges 20


Bateaux Classiques


YCM Awards - Trophée Credit Suisse

Every year to close the season, HSH Prince Albert II honours the Club’s sailing members at the YCM Awards – Trophée Credit Suisse which reward youngsters in the Sports Section’s competition teams, as well as society members and owners/helmsmen who are competing at the highest level.



Section Sportive

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 02