Monaco Yacht Show

Sept. - October 2023: Yachting's flagship event!

An iconic event combining exclusivity, excellence and innovation, the Monaco Yacht Show has established itself and maintained its position over the years as the international meeting for the superyacht sector.

A rigorous selection of exhibitors ensures a top quality show, with 500 major companies in the sector represented and 105 outstanding super and mega-yachts exhibited every year.








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Captains' Forum

27th edition: Thursday 23rd March 2023

Under the aegis of the collective ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach, Yacht Club de Monaco is organising another of its Captains’ Forums for superyacht captains, just one of the activities organised by the Captains’ Club which unites 150 professionals with the Captain 500 diploma working on superyachts flying the YCM flag.

The theme for this 26th edition was developed in partnership with Jutheau Husson, Oceanco and the MB92 Group and focuses on an original yet fundamental topic: Man vs Machine.





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Cristina Ruiz

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YCM Marina Concert

September 2023 (tbc): A unique event in collaboration with the Ferretti Group

A hive of activity in the harbour, the Yacht Club de Monaco is behind a host of one-of-a-kind events like the exclusive private concerts organised in collaboration with the Ferretti Group.

Lionel Richie

2019 - All Night Long



2018 - Fields of Gold


Duran Duran

2017 - Extraordinary World


Elton John

2016 - Blue Wonderful




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Superyacht Chef Competition

Thursday 30th March 2023: Registrations are now open!

Nine chefs working on 40+m superyachts have a rendezvous with the Superyacht Chef Competition, presided by the three-Michelin star Chef Yannick Alléno, surrounded by gastronomy experts and supervised by Chef Joël Garault, President of Goûts et Saveurs.
Held under the aegis of YCM’s La Belle Classe Academy training centre, the competition puts the spotlight on gourmet cuisine at sea, another facet of yachting professions. Fully supported by their owners and crew who always come along to encourage them, contestants have to come up with dishes from a basket of mystery ingredients while complying with the contest’s anti-waste criteria. It is all part of the ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach, initiated by YCM to position the Principality as a destination synonymous with excellence and sustainability in the sector.

2022 Winners


Nicolas Petit (M/Y Latitude, 43 m)


Stéphanie Gravier (M/Y Planet Nine, 73 m)


Pablo Albuerne (M/Y Tales, 53 m)



  • 1 - Nicolas Petit (M/Y Latitude, 43 m)
  • 2 - Micail Swindells (M/Y GO, 77 m)
  • 3 - Ivan Holmes (M/Y KJOS, 38 m)
  • 1 - Stéphanie Gravier (M/Y Planet Nine, 73 m)
  • 2 - Richard Cullen (M/Y Black Pearl, 107 m)
  • 3 - Bruno Chailan (M/Y Mimtee, 60 m)
  • 1 - Pablo Albuerne (M/Y Tales, 53 m)
  • 2 - Steeve Negouai (M/Y Black Legend, 50 m)
  • 3 - Eric Vugliano (M/Y Rola, 47 m)



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YCM Explorer Awards

March 2023

YCM Explorer Awards by La Belle Classe Superyachts recognise owners who take their environmental responsibilities seriously. They are presented by the Club’s President, HSH Prince Albert II, at the end of a one-day Environmental Symposium, organised by the YCM during Monaco Ocean Week in March.

The major criteria for these awards are the owner’s conception of their superyacht, how they use it and what it can do for humanity. It could be a technical innovation that significantly reduces the yacht’s CO2 emissions, the assistance given to scientists, or just an ability to pass on and share adventures at sea so that many more people come to respect, love and protect the Ocean. These men and women are tomorrow’s explorers and all perpetuate the YCM’s ‘Art de Vivre la Mer’ philosophy which is at the heart of the Club’s core values.

Launched in 2019



- Science / Mediation
- Technology / Innovation
- Adventure / Ethics / Behaviour / Environment

The 2022 winners

Technology / Innovation


Mediation / Science


Ethics / Behaviour


The 2019 winners

Technology / Innovation

M/Y Bravo Eugenia (109m)

Mediation / Science

M/Y Alucia (56m)

Adventure / Ethics / Behaviour

M/Y E&E (42m)


S/Y Tara (36m)

Special Jury Mention

M/Y Polarfront (55m)



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YCM Awards - Trophée Credit Suisse

December 2023

Every year to close the season, HSH Prince Albert II pays tribute to the Club’s sailors at the YCM Awards for the Credit Suisse trophy which recognises young competitors in the Sports Section, as well as members and owner/helmsmen who are competing at the highest level.

Prizes are awarded in two categories: the YCM Youth Awards (Optimist, ILCA and Kite categories) and the YCM Awards for society members who have best defended the Club’s flag during the regatta season.

REPLAY | 2022 Ceremony


Awards 2022


Pierrik Devic

Noah Garcia

Ludovico Fassitelli

Charles de Bourbon-Siciles


Members' vote


Public vote


Sports Section



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The 2021 Awards


Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio

YCM Sailor of the year 2021

Mathis Duplomb

YCM Youth Award

Tomaso Polli

Special Prize

Francesco Vauban

Smeralda 888

since 2005

Past Winners

  • 2018 : Andres Soriano
  • 2017 : Pierre Casiraghi
  • 2016 : Vincenzo Onorato
  • 2015 : Vladimir Prosikhin
  • 2014 : Roberto Tomasini Grinover
  • 2013 : Valentin Zavadnikov
  • 2012 : Igor Simcic
  • 2011 : Guido Miani
  • 2010 : Daniel Meyers
  • 2009 : Nico Poons
  • 2008 : Guido Miani
  • 2007 : Gianluca Perris
  • 2006 : Klaus Peter-Offen
  • 2005 : Leonardo Ferragamo

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Primo Cup - Trophée Credit Suisse

2 - 5 MARCH 2023

Launched in 1985 at the instigation of HSH Prince Albert II, a year after becoming the Yacht Club de Monaco’s president, the Primo Cup has established itself as the big meeting that opens the season in the Mediterranean for Europe’s one-design elite.



Registrations now open

38th Primo Cup  Trophée Credit Suisse  - 3-6 March 2022   Sunday 12th December 2021. It is one…

Convincing win for G-Spot

37th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse   Sunday 7th March 2021. Competitors enjoyed six races…

Tough battles at the top

37th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse  (5-7 March 2021)   Saturday 6th March 2021. A…


Section Sportive

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22-27 August 2023

Since its launch in 2005 on the initiative of Circolo della Vela Sicilia President Angelo Randazzo, the Palermo-Montecarlo quickly established itself as a Mediterranean classic, with its 500nm course that continues to attract a growing number of entrants.

For seasoned sailors like Mauro Pelaschier, Jochen Schümann, Francesco Bruni, Philippe Monnet and Brad Butterworth, four-time America’s Cup winner, it’s a race against the clock to beat the record; for others it is an adventure over several days at nights at sea with family and friends.



Countdown begins

Palermo-Montecarlo The curtain has gone up on the 17th Palermo-Montecarlo which has just released…

4th title for Yacht Club de Monaco’s Guido Miani

Palermo-Montecarlo Tuesday 24th August 2021. The goal announced at the start has been achieved! It…

Breakaway from lead group 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Monday 23rd August 2021. Most of the 47 boats…

In the thick of it now 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Sunday 22nd August 2021. The first hours of this…

480 nautical miles non-stop! 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Saturday 21st August 2021. A good start for the…

48 boats on start of 16th edition

Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021 Saturday 21st August 2021. A 54-strong fleet had a good…



Lady First III

Real-time winner
2 days, 11 hours, 47 mins & 6 sec.

All results >>

Tonnerre de Glen

Time compensated winner
All results >>

Maxi 82 Vera

Real-time winner
Trofeo Tasca d’Almerita

All results >>


Time compensated winner
Trofeo Angelo Randazzo

All results >>


Vainqueur en temps réel
Trofeo Tasca d’Almerita

Tous les résultats >>

Tonnerre de Glen

Vainqueur en temps compensé
Trofeo Angelo Randazzo

Tous les résultats >>


Section Sportive

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+377 93 10 64 02

Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series

February & March 2023

In line with the YCM’s sailing policy, having been initiated in the Melges 20 class in 2013 at the instigation of Valentin Zavadnikov, then the J/70s, the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series is a monthly programme of regattas and training weekends for one-design boats from December to March.

It has proved a very successful format with more than 350 sailors coming from across Europe to set up their winter training base in the Principality to prepare for the upcoming season’s big meetings.

For Monegasque teams, this Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series is their qualifier for the J/70 World Championship being organised for the first time by YCM in partnership with FxPro.

  • Act #3: 2-5 February 2023
  • Act #4: 2-5 March 2023 (39th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse)

RESULTS 2022-2023

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Monegasque domination

Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act I | 3-6 November 2022 Friday 4th November 2022. Just a…

A superb finale

38th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse & Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act IV   Sunday 6th…

One design racing in the spotlight

38th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse  - Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act IV Friday 4th March…

Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio (G-Spot) keeps up the pace

Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series - Act III | Tenzor International Cup | 3-6 February 2022 – J/70…

Locals take control

Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act III  - 3-6 February 2022 – J/70   Friday 4th February…

Worlds in their sights

Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act III  - 3-6 February – J/70   Thursday 3rd February…


Section Sportive

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Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

3-8 July 2023

Organised since 2014 by the Yacht Club de Monaco, in collaboration with the International Powerboating Federation (UIM) and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is unique in the world.

More than a century after the first international powerboat meetings were launched in 1904, the YCM is reviving a tradition by leaving the field wide open to innovation and the imaginations of young engineers, working hand in hand with experienced manufacturers. Their goal is to develop alternative propulsion systems, using only clean energy sources to power the yachting of tomorrow. A real technological challenge to meet the energy needs of the leisure boat and shipping industries and the accompanying environmental prerogatives.



Future of yachting propulsion tested in Monaco

9th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge | 4-9 July 2022   Saturday 9th July 2022. History is…

Hydrogen: opening up a raft of possibilities

9th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge | 4-9 July 2022   Friday 8th July 2022. Third day of the…

Down to business

9th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge | 4-9 July 2022   Thursday 7th July 2022. The 38 teams in…


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